Welcome to Agrobottica

We are developing and will manufacture Ag robots for specific crops.
We are in startup stealth mode. However, we can tell you we have solved a number of issues for a limited selection of crops. We will address other crops when we are able to. If you would like to invest in this incredibly fast-moving industry, please do contact us.

Why Ag Robotics?

Billions of people who need high quality and nutrient dense foods.
Manual labor continues to be an expensive, time-consuming and physically harmful work for the millions of low-income people who get stuck with the job. By hnading it off to robotics, people can be utilized to do other work for the good of mankind.

More to come!

Please check back often.


Will update in the future.
And as we grow, of course. LOL

How our systems work

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We will respond as soon as possible. webform1@agrobottica.com
Please do let us know the nature of your request- NDA, Investment, Collaboration, etc.